3 Content Types that Represent the Future of Online Marketing

The leading online marketing strategies depend upon the strength of their content to ensure engagement. Using interesting articles, effective imagery and compelling videos, content marketers have designed marketing plans that brought attention to their brands. The future of content marketing online could look very different. While the written word will retain its value, there might be other formats from which online marketers can select for their campaigns. This blog will focus on three content types that represent the future of online marketing.

1. Livestreaming

Livestreams are immensely popular among viewing audiences across the globe. But marketers rarely use them to bring attention to their products. Livestreaming is set to become especially important to any company selling an experience, such as a museum or a sports organization. Such organizations could bring in online visitors to their location and then provide them with a live event experience that compares favourably with being at the venue.

2. Augmented Reality

By overlaying virtual elements on our physical surroundings, we can now improve our content marketing environments. This is the advantage of augmented reality systems. Augmented reality could, for example, allow a clothing brand to place their content online and enable users to “try on” the clothing virtually to see how it would look on them before they go to the store to buy it. It’s a media that’s very much in its infancy but it has immense potential for the content marketing industry.

3. Podcasting

Due to the increasing use of smart phones, podcasting is set again to become exceptionally popular across a range of audiences. Brands might capitalize on this popularity by building their own podcasting channel, which focuses on brand-specific content that entertains and informs listeners. Brands that commit to podcasting could find that their online audience increases significantly as they develop the platform.

By analyzing the current market trends and considering the brand’s current marketplace, companies can make significant inroads in new content areas. Becoming a leader in one of these areas could ensure the brand not only excels within their industry, but in the online marketplace itself. To discover more on evolving online marketing content types, speak with one of our experts directly today!