3 Local SEO Strategies to Help Ensure Greater Online Visibility

Since the Google Pidgeon algorithm update last year, local SEO has evolved considerably. It can be hard for some to keep up. The strategies that companies must now use to rank well for location specific searches have evolved also, and this means that many growing firms are being left behind due to the use of last year’s tools and techniques. In this blog, we’ll highlight three local SEO strategies designed to assure greater online visibility within the current marketplace.

1. Harness Google Places and Google + Local

Market experts are in agreement that reviews are now getting more weight than citations in terms of SEO ranking. By utilizing Google-owned properties and empowering customers to leave positive reviews, companies can ensure their brand presence is highly visible within their local region. It’s important to invite Google Plus, YouTube and Gmail users to leave reviews that could be used by the search algorithms. These reviews can then help the company achieve a stronger SEO presence.

2. Cover the Basics

Many growing firms are still making elemental mistakes when it comes to their local SEO strategies. Companies must ensure all the basics are covered for the optimal foundation to their campaigns. For example, some find that, even though they have achieved the top ranking within their area, they’re not receiving as many clicks as the number two or number three company in the rankings. This could be because their meta description doesn’t explain their content and doesn’t entice searchers to click on their website. Also important is the schema markup, which helps tell the search engine what the on-site data means to increase search relevancy.

3. Ensure All Online Company Properties Rank

The results returns by a particular search will be dependent on the search term. This means that companies could have varying levels of success getting their social media profiles and listing profiles ranked compared with their website. One of the best ways to ensure all company properties feature relevant content for particular searches is to carry out searches using key terms and then take note of the content returned. The type of content highlighted within top rankings should be the type of content companies produce if they want to rank for that keyword. Whether it’s producing more videos for their website, or adding images to their Yelp page, integrating relevant content will drive traffic across the various company properties.

Forward-thinking companies can keep up with the changes to local SEO. Consider the guidance within this blog article and review your company’s current local SEO results to ensure you’re on the right track for success! To learn more, speak with one of our expert marketing team members directly.