3 Recommendations for Building a Mobile-Friendly Site

A mobile friendly site is a must these days. With smart phones outselling PCs, and almost everyone utilizing mobile searches and devices; if your site isn’t mobile compatible, then you’re in trouble – people search for things on the go, and if they can’t find you, you don’t exist.

Old PC websites are often impossible to view and use on new mobile devices. Google and Bing have rolled out mobile-friendly badges indicate to users which sites will work well on their device. In fact, after recent changes to Google’s algorithm (Mobilegeddon), it announced that it will now downgrade sites that fail its mobile-friendly tests.

The following are a few recommendations when building a mobile-friendly site for your business or company.

1. Project Ownership

The project ownership should fall one person – maybe a member on senior management. You want an individual that is not connected to any part of the teams that will be struggling over different aspects of the project.

You need someone to lead with authority, that can make decisions without needing approvals at all steps, and who ideally, is internal to the company.

2. Objectives

Stakeholders are likely to have a diverse idea of what the objectives are. After everyone has agreed on these objectives, ask how mobile technologies can assist with delivery of them. These objectives are extremely important and should be visible to remind you of them – try putting them on your wall.

  1. Know Your Audience

Know if your site will be serving potential clients, or existing clients? How will they utilize your new site? Where do they live? How will they ultimately find your site? What are they doing on your site? Finally, what device are they using to navigate and search for your site?

Asking and trying to answer these very important questions will not only help your team communication, it will also aid in constructing user profiles of your typical and target mobile visitor. Creating customer personas helps further understand, and categorize who is your client, and how you can reach them.