3 Tools for Finding Relevant Long-Tail Keywords

Finding keywords continues to be a critical task for SEO teams intent on maximizing the value and the reach of their content. But as more companies become SEO savvy, it’s becoming more challenging to pick out those long tail keywords that offer an exceptional return on investment for use in content. Within this post, our team will highlight three of the current leading market tools for finding relevant long-tail keywords for content.

1. HitTail

Matching user intent should be the leading objective for content creators looking to create engaging, highly ranked content in today’s marketplace. HitTail is the ideal tool for this process as it suggests long-tail keywords via a visual long-tail chart. The tool works by analyzing the website’s current traffic to determine which long-tail keyword phrases they should be targeting to generate traffic.

2 SEMRush

SEMRush is a keyword tool designed to give companies precise information on the keywords being used by their competitors. To use this tool for keyword research, it’s important to begin with making a list of each of the company’s competitors. Then, once the list is complete, users can enter the URL for these companies within SEMRush. Through SEMRush, users can then click on Paid Search to see the keywords the site is currently bidding on. The keywords with the highest CPC are generally the most valuable to that business, and there could be ideal for the company to be targeting within their own keyword strategies.

3. Google-Related Search

In addition to business tools, companies can also harness Google’s related searches system to find long-tail keywords related to their industry. Generally, users should only use queries that are three to four words long to find their ideal keywords. This concision will ensure the precise fit for use within keyword campaigns.

By harnessing the latest market tools, companies can hone their keyword campaigns for maximum long term return on SEO investment. To discover more on this topic, speak with our expert team today!