3 Ways to Demonstrate “Experience” in Google’s E-E-A-T Factor

These days Google is the end-all and be-all when it comes to the digital realm, delivering high-quality and reliable search results to its users by using the E-E-A-T system. With the recent addition of the “experience” component to Google’s E-E-A-T concept, content creators should be able to demonstrate firsthand experience to be deemed trustworthy.


Defining E-E-A-T


E-E-A-T stands for experience, expertise, authority, and trust and refers to the four things that Google states will help content rank better in search results. Experience refers to whether content creators carry a background in their field or supporting evidence for the claims they make. Websites should demonstrate their expertise to assure visitors that their content is reliable by highlighting awards, citations, and positive reviews. Finally, trustworthiness shows that content is legitimate and the creators are transparent.


As “experience” is the newest addition to this ranking system, let’s take a deeper look at how websites can demonstrate it in a way that illustrates genuineness and trustworthiness to those online. 


3 Ways to Demonstrate Experience


Our SEO experts have outlined several ways to demonstrate experience in your website’s content. These methods are suggestions based on Google’s guidelines and they include: 

  • Thorough Descriptions of Content Creation


When crafting compelling content, including a description of the journey behind its creation is key for demonstrating experience. By introducing a section dedicated to showcasing firsthand experience, you not only bolster your credibility but also provide valuable insights for your audience. 


Elevate your content by including the process involved in content creation. Start by explaining how your team researches and gathers accurate and up-to-date information. Emphasize the importance of using authoritative sources, industry experts, and trustworthy data to ensure the reliability of the content.

  • Dedicate a Page on Your Site to Experience


While it’s not necessary to reiterate your experience with a subject every time you write about it, there are effective strategies to demonstrate your credibility to both search engines and your audience. 


By including an “about” page on your website, you can leverage the power of experience to reinforce your expertise and leave a lasting impression. Use this page to provide a comprehensive overview of your personal experience with the subject matter. Include information such as relevant achievements, qualifications, and notable projects.

  • Highlight Relevant Personal Experience Alongside the Content


Include evidence of personal experience with the subject matter you are creating for your website. A suitable example of this is product reviews. When it comes to product reviews, establishing credibility is crucial, especially in light of recent concerns raised by Google regarding low-quality reviews on affiliate websites. 


To ensure your reviews stand out as trustworthy, it’s not only essential to prove your expertise but also to provide tangible evidence of your firsthand experience with the reviewed product. By incorporating visuals, audio, or other links that showcase your encounters with the product, you reinforce the authenticity of your review and support your position as a subject matter expert.


What This Looks Like in a World With AI


With the rapidly increasing AI content creation, there may be concern from content creators that the effort put into crafting genuine content that follows the four relevant guidelines from Google may not be worth it and they’ll be outranked by AI-generated content. However, as experiences cannot be replaced or replicated with AI, this limits any content created solely with AI and reduces their ranking as they lack the human quality Google seeks in their E-E-A-T guidelines. 


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