4 Easy Ways to Improve Social Media Content

Four Easy Ways to Improve Social Media Content


Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with your audience, promoting your brand, and growing your business. But how do you create content that stands out from the crowd and engages your followers? 


Our team at ALM Corp. shares four simple ways to improve your social media content and increase engagement with your brand. 

  • Lead with a Hook 


To make your social media posts more interesting, you want to spark curiosity in your audience, motivating them to read further. An engaging hook can improve your social media game by grabbing attention amidst the fast-paced scrolling. A hook is like a catchy opening that serves a few key purposes.

  • Grabs Attention: Social media moves quickly, with people scrolling through posts fast. Starting with a hook makes them pause and take notice.

  • Increases Likes and Comments: A good hook makes people want to read and interact with your post. This can lead to more likes, comments, and shares, which means more people will see what you posted.

  • Improves Storytelling: If you’re telling a story or sharing a message, a hook sets the stage and sparks curiosity. This helps your content stand out and make a memorable impact.


There are four common ways to write an enticing hook for a social media post:


  1. A question
  2. A statement that stands out
  3. An interesting fact
  4. A teaser for an upcoming promotion or event


Leading your social media posts with one of these methods will surely help create powerful content for your business and grab the attention of your audience. 

  • Use Search Engine Optimization Tactics


In the past, Google was the main search engine. Now, 40% of Generation Z uses platforms like Instagram for searching. Interestingly, YouTube is the second biggest search engine. The change in search habits is clear.


If you want more people to interact with what you post on social media, search engine optimization is key.

  • Put keywords in your social media text.
  • Make sure your text matches the picture or video you’re sharing so everything fits together.
  • If you can, add ALT text to your pictures.


  • Include a CTA


If you want a reaction from your social media followers, you simply have to ask them. This is where a CTA (Call-To-Action) comes in handy.


A strong CTA can be as simple as asking them to like, comment, or share your posts. Or, it can be more specific, like clicking on a link or doing something specific, such as signing up for an account or requesting a quote.


If you add a CTA that tells people to share your post or tell their friends about it, it can increase awareness about your brand and reach an even greater audience. 

  • Use Engaging Hashtags


Using hashtags correctly can be a bit challenging, but when marketers use them smartly, hashtags can tremendously expand the reach of your content. Take Instagram, for instance. By adding hashtags to your post, it will show up on the page dedicated to that hashtag, such as posts with #HVAC or #DisposalCompany. 


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