4 Leading Web Design Trends for 2019

Staying on top of web design trends is one of the best ways you can make certain you’re doing your utmost to attract new clients and offer innovative content and services. Having a stellar website that stays at the top of the search rankings requires a bit more than having a great product. That’s why the team of digital marketing experts from WSIALM. has collected some tips for you below.

If you want to make certain your website is eye-catching and attracts new clients, then try following these four tips in 2019.

1. Innovative Interactions

There’s no reason why searching for information on your website can’t also be fun for clients. Developing innovative interactions for website designs is becoming increasingly popular. This can be something as simple as hovering over a letter or number for information or employing multimodal interfaces and 3D product modeling.

2. Digital Experimentation

When it comes to the digital landscape, taking new risks can generate exciting and unseen results. Who knows, your web design solutions might even start the next new trend for digital marketing firms. Buy you’ll never know until you try, which is why web designers are pushing the limits more than ever in 2019. What about using your web space to wish customers a happy holiday in a new and interesting way, or creating a digital homage to industry leaders? The possibilities are nearly endless.

3. Narrative Illustrations

There are more ways than one to tell a story, so why not try narrating it in pictures? Often creating narrative illustrations can be a fun and interesting way for customers to digest a service or product. Producing eye-catching, people-oriented narrative illustrations can make your website more accessible to a larger audience. There are a host of libraries online that offer free, customizable illustrations for web design teams.

4. Unique Typography

Another leading web design trend for 2019 is to develop distinct typography that’s unique to your brand. In some cases, the right typography and lettering can be almost as identifiable as a logo or other branding tool.

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