4 Ways Responsive Design Ensures Success in the Mobile Online Marketing Landscape

Companies around the globe are now considering their mobile marketing strategies. They know that 60% of internet access is now achieved through a mobile device. This means they must implement mobile design strategies that cater to their vast audience now arriving at their web presence through mobile devices. Responsive design is a critical tool in this new commitment to meeting mobile audience needs. Here are four of the ways in which responsive design helps support online marketing success.

1. Mobile Content Reading and Sharing

Responsive design ensures audiences can read a brand’s content on their devices and share it with friends through social sharing buttons. By implementing responsive design on their blog, companies can deliver the content to the audience wherever they are in the world.

2. Effective Email Campaigns

Companies often struggle in implementing effective email campaigns. Without responsive design, mobile users who receive brand emails experience an untidy email design that doesn’t fit their device. But after implementation, responsive design helps streamline the recipient’s email viewing experience. More importantly, it also means the recipient can easily brows the company website after clicking through the email.

3. Results-Driven Mobile Search Strategies

When mobile users click on a website page that is not optimized for their device, they might be taken back to the homepage without seeing the sought-after content. But a responsive design set-up helps take the searcher from the search engine link through to their desired page with precision and enables companies to create a high performance mobile SEO campaign.

4. Strong ROI for Social Media

The benefit of social media is that it allows for a direct communication between a brand and its audience. Social media also allows brands to promote their products to thousands of followers who have already been qualified for their interest in the company. By utilizing the best practices of responsive design, brands can initiate social media campaigns that take the viewer from a social media page to a promoted product page on the company website instantly. It’s how thousands of growing companies are achieving long-term value through social media.
Given the emergence of the mobile marketplace, companies must now utilize a web design strategy that responds to the evolving need of their mobile audience. Oftentimes, the impact of responsive design implementation can be seen in just a few days when reviewing analytics and promotional campaign returns.