5 Pay-Per-Click Trends for the Coming Year

5 Must-Know PPC Trends for 2019

Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to capitalize on traffic and create a successful targeted marketing campaign. If you’re reassessing your digital marketing plan for the coming year, you might be interested in learning which PPC trends in 2019 will help you get the most leads and sales.

At ALM Corp. it’s our job to keep up with cutting-edge technological trends and content marketing standards, so we’ve shared some of our insight with you below.

Here are some of the leading PPC trends to watch for in 2019.

1. Automation

The future is now…at least where PPC is concerned. In the year ahead, expect to hear more about how companies are gaining leverage with their campaigns through the use of automation. As Google Ads continues to expand their automation efforts, more businesses will come to rely on them for PPC purposes.

2. Audience

When it comes to adaptive SEO services and PPC best practices, the coming year is going to see more of a trend towards people rather than a heavy focus on search terms. Segmenting your audience data and putting what you’ve collected into practice by developing a comprehensive targeting strategy will serve you well in 2019.

3. Diversification

Expanding the reach of your PPC campaigns in the coming year will help you keep up with the competition. Many businesses are testing the waters of other marketplaces, such as Amazon and other alternative platforms. This will enable you to create a more diverse campaign and attract users in places where your brand might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

4. Experiences

We live in a multi-device and cross-platform world, so capitalizing on these things in the coming year will be key to keeping up with competitors. One of the emerging PPC trends in 2019 will be developing multi-channel marketing strategies. Create a packaged experience that’s accessible across all platforms and devices.

5. Videos

Video marketing still remains a hot-button content marketing strategy and will be even more popular in 2019. Using video as both a social media marketing and PPC tool can increase search engine results rankings. Many platforms and devices are also seeing a move toward more video-friendly ads, such as mobile devices and Google, with their recent vertical video ads.


ALM Corp. Can Help You Capitalize on PPC Trends in 2019

Creating a comprehensive content strategy that includes PPC is one of the best ways to hit the ground running in 2019. Contact the ALM Corp. team today to learn more about our marketing solutions and strategies.