5 Questions Your Web Designer Should Ask

When working with a web designer to craft their site content and create a dynamic website, business owners often don’t know what to expect within the design process. It’s important to have an idea about the type of elements a web designer will consider when crafting a website. And so within this blog, we’ll highlight five questions a web designer should ask in the website design process.

1. What Is “Conversion” for Your Business?

One of the leading objectives designers must consider is how their design and the content will convert visitors to buyers. But some businesses will be selling a service rather than a product. And some businesses derive their leads from other sources such as company newsletters, rather from the website directly. This means the designer’s goal might be to get the visitor to sign up to a company newsletter. By understanding the conversion process for the business, the designer can ensure a streamlined site design.

2. What Sites within Your Industry do You Like?

By understanding the types of content and graphic design the business owner prefers, designers can then have a better understanding on the requirements for the own site. That’s why so many design consultations begin with this question, as this will provide the foundation for the design work moving forward.

3. Are there any Complex Technical Considerations?

The web designer should know the various capacities of the back-end for the client’s website. They should know whether the client requires a customized payment application or whether they use an in-house reservation system to take bookings through the website. A comprehensive understanding of these technical considerations will make the design process more streamlined as the project moves forward.

4. Who Are the Stakeholders in the Design Process?

It’s important for the designer to know which people are involved in the design process on the client’s side. They’ll need to know who to communicate with in the event they encounter a question or a challenge within their work. They should also know who will make the final decisions on each element of the design process. This then sets out an effective plan for project communication when any decisions have to be made concerning content design.

5. What is the Project Deadline?

This is an important question that might not be simple to answer. Oftentimes, companies have phases of website completion, which each have their own deadlines. But it’s important for the designer to be working towards a set target within their work. This then keeps the entire project on track and ensures all stakeholders can coordinate their work.

By planning ahead for the questions their web designer will ask them, business owners can ensure they have the right answers to successfully move forward in the process. To learn more on professional web design services, contact our expert design team directly today!