5 SEO Myths to Clear from Your Mind in 2015

We’re now well into 2015. The proactive SEO specialist is now working on progressive campaigns for the year ahead using all the latest tips and techniques as a foundation. But within the industry, despite all we know now after the Panda and Penguin updates from Google, SEO myths continue to persist. These myths are causing otherwise effective professionals to make poor decisions for their site, in the process costing them large amounts in the SEO budget for the year. Within this blog, we’ll highlight five of the most common myths and reveal the truth behind them.

1. There is No Science to SEO

One of the prevailing myths from recent years is that SEO is not an exact science through which companies can produce tangible results. This is clearly untrue, but those outside the industry are often unable to see the benefits effective optimization can bring. All search criteria is based on algorithms, and these algorithms require math to work effectively. Because SEO campaigns utilize this math, specialists can achieve desired results through testing and then replicating successful test results.

2. Visitors will Always Go to New Websites

Even the newest, flashiest website requires a comprehensive content plan to attract visitors. Sites also require links to compete within the SEO marketplace. This means that those who believe their site can attract visitors without site optimization are going to spend lots of time waiting at their computer. Expertly-designed site plans with content management strategies and link-building processes built-in are the ideal foundation to SEO success.

3. Site Position is Not Important

Many site owners believe that their site’s position for keywords is not an important metric for tracking. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Site position is inextricably linked to traffic levels. And gaining a higher position within the top three page results for the company’s top traffic generating phrase can ensure the site achieves their target traffic numbers. Site owners should continually check their site positions to determine how the position is impacting their traffic.

4. SEO is Dead as a Service

It’s a myth we’ve heard almost since the beginning of the search marketplace. So called experts within the online marketplace ritually announce the death of SEO. However, the latest data proves that organic search remains the number one way people find websites. And as long as algorithms are still used to determine search engine positioning, SEO will continue retain its relevancy. While the role of SEO specialists becomes ever-more sophisticated, SEO is a service that is increasing, rather than decreasing in importance for growing online businesses.

5. SEO Should be Cheap

When a website owner hires an SEO specialist, they are hiring an evolving marketplace knowledgebase, not just a service provider. SEO work is exceptionally challenging and it requires those inside the industry to maintain comprehensive knowledge on changes to algorithms and the introduction of new tools. And an expert cannot give site owners that service for a cheap price without cutting corners and minimizing their role. Choose a company that offers fair market value for a comprehensive SEO solution.

By understanding the truth behind these SEO myths, organizations can move forward within the 2015 SEO marketplace and maximize the performance of their campaigns based on the latest market data. Speak with one of our trusted specialists today to discover the latest changes within the SEO field.