5 Tips for Leading a Rebrand (Without Going Crazy)

Everything needs the occasional facelift from time to time: this includes corporate brands and websites. However, if you’ve decided to rebrand your business or work with a reliable content marketing service to do so, knowing a bit more about the process is helpful.

Below we’ve collected five sure-fire tips that will help ensure that your rebrand is rolled out smoothly and successfully, so take a look.

1. Audit Your Assets

One of the first things a content marketing specialist will recommend when rebranding your business is to take a step back and assess the content and assets you already have at your disposal. By performing an audit you’ll be able to see what’s working and avoid spending time rebranding content that doesn’t resonate with your audience.

2. Rooting Out Conflicting Messages

In order to roll out a successful rebrand, there should be no confusion as to your vision and what you provide to clients. It doesn’t matter if you’re a service-based business or you manufacture products, being concise and consistent in your messaging is key.

3. Get Everyone in the Same Place

A successful rebrand involves a lot of different components, which is why many content marketing services try to get every part of the team in the same place to collaborate. Utilizing a project management platform (Asana, Basecamp, Kapost, etc.) is one of the best ways to centralize the process and standardize workflow between marketing, content, and development teams.

4. Organizing Product Pages

Organizing your brand’s product pages will help ensure that your company gets the most out of its rebrand and reaches the maximum amount of customers. Some products might be more popular than others in certain markets, so make key decisions as to what should be featured where.

5. One Last Audit

Before rolling out your rebrand, it’s always a good idea to have your content marketing team do one last audit to ensure all your content is clear and consistent across the board. Make certain that every piece of rebranded content fits properly and there’s no confusion or conflicting messaging.

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