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 Email Marketing Tips from SEO Professionals

One thing we see a lot of at ALM Corp. is clients not using their email marketing services to their full potential. Developing an email marketing plan is a great way to stay in touch with clients, and share news and information with them. But you can also use it to generate results like increased subscribers and site traffic.

1. Interactive Emails

 The days of simple cut-and-paste text emails is long gone. Nowadays, creating a unique and interactive email for your clients is easier that ever. Doing so will make your audience engage with youhave more of a stake in what you have to offer.

2. Send Personalized Emails

 You can demonstrate to your subscribers that their input and engagement is important to you by avoiding the general email blast. Instead of sending the same thing to everyone, try sending personalized emails. You can even develop a targeted marketing plan, reaching out directly to those who abandoned their cart last minute.

3. Consider Plain-Text Emails

 Although HTML email marketing has its advantages, don’t overlook sending plain-text emails to your subscribers. Doing so can enable you to create a much more coherent call to action. Plain-text can also appear a bit more personal than the average HTML email.

4. Lead to Your Landing Page

 Every good email blast should push subscribers to a landing page for one reason or another. If you’re offering a new product, have them learn more about it by visiting your website. These things might appear small but they’ll do wonders for your web traffic and conversion rate optimization.

5. Incorporate Real-Time Marketing

 You can include real-time marketing in your email strategy to boost clickthroughs. Incorporating up-to-date events and information in your call to action can generate more web traffic and sales. For example, offering a Labor Day Weekend Movie Madness discount or rainy-day prices if you’re a cinema.

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