5 Ways to Optimize Your Landing Page

Offering a great landing page for your visitors is of the utmost importance. Gone are the days of pure text internet websites. You must offer a great looking and functional landing page for your visitors by understanding what people look for and want.

Here are 5 important ways you can optimize your landing page:

1. Design

Design is one of the most important aspects of your page and can greatly impact your conversion rate. How visitors respond to your page is essential, and you don’t want to turn people away from your site. Make sure you have a clear and user-friendly design.

2. Content

Good content is your opportunity to show that your site has the answers, product, or information people are looking for. You can have great images or design, but without quality content people will quickly see that this is not the page for them.

Great content will connect your audience to your page and keep them engaged.

3. Headings

People will know if they are on the right page by your headline. Entice your customer to stay with a clear and precise headline; chances are they will stay if it is what they are looking for. Make sure your headline is different from your page title tags, but keep it keyword and search optimized.

4. What Are Your Competitors Doing?

Checking out the competition can be a great way to gauge your own page and improve it in ways you might not have thought of. Keeping up-to-date with industry standards and practices is always a good thing to do.

5. Optimizing Calls to Action

While calls to action are important, so is the way you present them to your visitors. Try to avoid the cliché “Download Now”, and use a more personal touch like “Start My Free Trial”. Using words like “free” reminds people they are getting a deal.

It is important not to have calls to action scattered throughout your page, limit one CTA for each page.