5 Web Development & Design Tips

Web Development Tips for SEO

Website development is a crucial aspect of your digital presence and promoting your brand. First impressions mean everything, especially online! Unfortunately, you won’t any see gains from your digital marketing efforts if you are working with a site that is not up to date on the latest practices.

To get the most from your website, let’s explore our ALM Corp. top five web development tips for creating a functional and SEO friendly website.

Digital Marketing Tips – How to Get the Most from Your Website Design

  1. Mobile Responsive Design

With so many people using smartphones, you need to make your site’s mobile interface easy and intuitive, requiring as few clicks to navigate menus as possible. Also, be sure that important links are formatted as buttons as opposed to text links.

Nothing forces a user away faster from your site than making it difficult to navigate, so be sure to test out your site on mobile devices.

  1. Contact Details

As mentioned above, making visitors and potential clients hunt for important info will increase your bounce rate, lower your conversation rate, and force users somewhere else. Visitors and even potential buyers who are midway through your sales funnel may need to ask a question, so make it easy for people to see your contact info.

Pro Tip: Try to place your contact info at the top right corner of your website.

  1. A Clean Design

A clean design means that you have both a balance of important and engaging text, along with captivating images. Try to avoid walls of text by breaking it up with headers and possible images – you want your page content to be digestible and easy to follow.

If you’re a photographer, while it may be tempting, don’t have only images with no text; conversely, if you’re a lawyer, avoid having endless text with no images.

  1. Concise Sign-Up Forms

Keep your sign-up forms simple. Again, to avoid bounces and visitors leaving before they really begin, ask for only important info like name, phone number, and email. Be sure your sales team is quick when following up with the client.

  1. Plan for The Future

The last tip is to always design a website with the potential for future growth. A five-page website should expand and have the capacity to showcase new products, services, news, future locations, etc. Google checks which URLs are continuously adding to their site, so you need to be continuously adding new content.

Pro Tip: Be sure you can expand your menu items, often, companies end up offering new services they may not have thought they would have when initially designing their site.

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