A Guide to Email Marketing Best Practices for 2019

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Discover the Best Email Marketing Practices for Your Audience in 2019

Email marketing has long been one of the most effective mediums for reaching a large audience with a targeted message. While new formats have emerged, no one tool has been proven to be as valuable as direct email marketing. Capitalizing on the true value of email marketing means recognizing the trends and pinpointing techniques to improve results, so let’s delve into how you can hone your email marketing practices in 2019.

Focus on testing for mobile applications

One of the leading mistakes many marketers make is not considering how their email is going to be viewed across mobile devices and different email applications. On an Android device, Yahoo Mail is going to display an email differently than Gmail. Formatting issues might occur when you’re sending an email created in a Chrome application to Apple users. Make sure you use the latest email testing applications to mitigate design errors and achieve flawless content across all platforms and applications.

Use customer responses to optimize timing

Most modern consumers are used to receiving marketing emails nowadays. But many have their own preferences regarding the frequency of such emails. While you might get a great response from an email sent every two weeks, if you bump that up to an email every few days, you could dilute your audience engagement and push people away. Use the engagement data provided by your readers to determine the optimal frequency.

Improve segmentation to drive campaign relevance

The tools for segmenting audiences are improving at a rapid rate. But most email marketers are still not utilizing these widely available segmentation tools. Take the time to sort your subscriber lists into smaller groups. Consider the engagement within your email marketing audience. Which audience members are responding effectively to specific campaigns? How can you ensure they receive the most relevant content at the right time? The answer is segmentation. Create a list based on the click-throughs completed by each recipient, then further optimize this data for future email marketing campaigns.

Avoid sending emails to third-party lists

Marketers are now moving away from sourcing their email lists from third parties. The data continues to show this strategy leads to a negative reputation for the marketer and a lack of interest from the audience. In 2019, one of the best email marketing practicesis giving incentives to those who provide you their email address via your website. Remember to refine the list over time and to keep updating information so that relevant content is being sent to your most profitable audience.

The team at ALM Corp. has the tools, the team and the proven techniques to help your business choose the best email strategies in 2019. To learn more, book a consultation today.