A Guide to the PPC Tactics That Drive Results in 2018

PPC is an industry that is continually evolving to adapt to new trends in the industry. And so if you’re running PPC campaigns in 2018, it’s important you maintain a close understanding on the techniques and strategies that will drive ROI in the coming year. In this latest post, we’ll provide our insight with several PPC tactics set to enhance performance in ongoing campaigns.

Harness Targeting Options

We’re now at a point within the industry where PPC campaign managers have a greater range of targeting options for their campaigns. PPC tools now allow you to map the entire customer journey, to see the path they’ve taken to the advertisement and build your attribution models. By highlighting the path of attribution for your highest value customers, you can then hone your PPC campaigns to ensure that you target this persona and achieve a greater return on campaign investment.

Optimize for Voice Search

We know that the search engine model is moving towards mobile use quickly, but most have been surprised by the increasing use of voice search through mobile devices. And PPC campaigns not optimized for voice search may experience limited returns in 2018. Google Home and Amazon Echo have increased the number of voice searches taking place in the average home. And for those running PPC campaigns for the retail space, there’s now an increasing importance on voice search optimization. Using local names for region-specific content and working with first-person language can help capture the attention of voice search users.

Capitalize on Improved Returns of Video

The majority of PPC campaign managers have moved away from video advertising as an option due to its complexity and inconsistency of results. But with new tools now available, video advertising is becoming a more viable option. Make sure you implement tracking data and use precise targeting for the video content, and you may well see a large return for your marketing spend.

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