A Look at Three Alternatives to Link-Building

Link-building can be an effective tool for building a presence online and establishing a foundation to an SEO campaign. However, the strategic value of link-building has diminished in recent months as Google updates their search algorithms. To adapt to this changing search landscape, it’s important for SEO campaign managers to survey the scene and assess the benefits of the alternatives to link-building strategies. In this post, we’ll review three of the leading alternatives to link-building.

1. Social Shares

Multiple studies have shown that social shares can help brands enhance their online rankings. This means brands can gain domain authority through Google by ensuring that their site is mentioned and their posts are liked and commented upon throughout the social media platforms. To achieve this objective, firms must create content that provides tangible value to their brand followers. They must closely analyze the type of content their audience prefers and then allocate time and energy to relevant content creation processes.

2. Local Third Party Reviews

Many companies are now experiencing success in harnessing reviews to build their SEO profiles. The latest Google updates mean the search company now depends heavily on review sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor for brand information. The better reviews a company gets on these sites, the stronger their search presence will become as their search campaigns move forward. Encouraging users to leave Yelp reviews with messages such as “Find Us on Yelp” directly on websites is a great way to drive engagement through reviews.

3. Targeted Content Marketing Campaigns

Content marketing and link-building have been heavily linked in recent years, but just because the value of link-building is diminishing doesn’t mean the same is true for content marketing. In fact, the content marketing industry is thriving and has become more diverse and lucrative than ever before. Brands that are able to tap into their audience’s minds and engage them with interesting content can build a strong search presence. This is a step that can be combined with social media to provide brands with a refined online marketing system that attracts and converts their target customers.

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