A PPC Management Agency Discusses How to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Facebook Ads

And PPC management agency knows that Facebook advertisements are a dual-edged sword.  Done properly, they can be an excellent PPC investment with the potential to reach a huge audience.  However, there are numerous ways they can go wrong.  In particular, there’s a real danger of over-targeting your key audience and causing ad fatigue.

It’s particularly easy to make this mistake if you’re focusing on aggregate impressions.  Remember, impressions only measure how many times an ad was seen by somebody – even if that somebody has seen the same ad a hundred times and is sick of it. Impressions don’t tell you how many unique individuals saw that ad.  “Reach” is the metric which measures unique users, and that’s a much more important metric to target if you want to bring in the most leads.

Here are a few strategies a good PPC management agency will use, to focus on reach rather than on pure impressions.

1. Create a reach objective 

Within Facebook’s ad console, you can specify the reach you would like to obtain.  This tells Facebook that you are specifically interested in showing your ad to the most different people, rather than simply racking up impressions.

This will ensure Facebook’s algorithm is working for your new objective, rather than against it.

2. Make your ads niche 

One major way to avoid ad fatigue AND increase reach is to really drill down and think about the sort of leads you want to attract.  A car dealership, for example, wouldn’t want to simply say “we sell cars.”  They should target a very specific audience.  Perhaps the family-minded type, looking for a practical multi-purpose van.  Or perhaps targeting the “midlife crisis” type, wanting to recapture their youth with a flashy sports car.

If you get creative in setting up your targeting, you might even be able to serve up both types of ads at once.  Either way, cast a small net, rather than a large one.

3. Cap the frequency 

To focus on reach, you can outright tell Facebook to put a cap on how often a single user will see the same ad within a specified amount of time. We heartily recommend making use of this feature!

If possible, base your choices on your existing engagement metrics.  If you don’t have metrics, do some experimenting.  Something in the area of once-a-week usually works well.

4. Grab users when you can 

If someone clicks on one of your ads, you don’t want to let them get away if you can help it.  You want to try to push them further down the funnel.  So, the landing page they’re sent to should include more offers or ads, immediately inviting them to continue their buyer’s journey.

This isn’t being pushy – they’re showing interest, so you want to encourage them to maintain that interest.

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