A Quick Guide to the Tools that will Help Ensure Google Penalty Recovery

Whether the underlying cause was a minor technical issue or a more pervasive content oversight, a Google penalty can have a significant impact on a company’s SEO campaigns. It’s vital to take quick and aggressive action to ensure the penalty is removed and the company can continue its marketing work. In this blog, we’ll highlight several of the leading tools for Google penalty recovery.

1. Screaming Frog Web Crawler

All proactive penalty recovery processes begin with a comprehensive site review. The Screaming Frog Web Crawler tool is designed to crawl a site and find problems that could be causing the penalty. Whether the problem is duplicate content, thin content or internal redirects, the tool outlines the issue and provides a clear path toward resolution.

2. Copyscape

Many Google penalties are the result of duplicate content. Companies must be careful and ensure their site doesn’t include any unsourced duplicate content. For those companies dealing with a content-based penalty, it’s important to use Copyscape to detect any duplicate content. Remember to input each site URL to ensure all duplications are removed from the site.

3. Ahrefs

Bad backlinks can impact a company’s link profile, and cause penalties through Google. Ahrefs is a tool that completes comprehensive link analysis and provides detailed backlink reports. The tool is designed to tell users the quality of the domains to which their site is linked and to point out individual link issues that might be considered as spam tactics by Google.

4. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools are the leading resource for any proactive webmaster trying to recover from a Google penalty. The Webmaster Tools will provide instant updates on actions Google has taken to provide clear direction on how to resolve the problem and move forward within online marketing campaigns.

A Google penalty can have a lasting impact on a company’s search marketing campaigns. Use the tools highlighted in this article to get your organization back on the right track and moving toward your marketing objectives. To discuss this topic with a specialist, contact our team today!