A Series of Google Algorithm Changes You Should Know

If you are a business owner who wants to keep your website ranking high in Google search results, you need to know about changes that have been made to the Google algorithm. Understanding the changes that the Panda 4.1 update has brought about allows you to make changes to the design of your website and your content to maintain visibility.

  • Content is more important than ever. Google seems to have an aim to eliminate websites with poor content from search results. If you do not have a dedicated employee working on content creation or are not currently outsourcing content creation to a professional, now may be the time. The Google algorithm update targets websites that include duplicate content, rehashed information or that simply lack content.
  • Spinning content is a recipe for disaster. Spun content is essentially content that has been copied from another source. The wording is altered in an attempt to fool search engines, but Google is cracking down on spun content with the latest Google algorithm update.
  • Keyword stuffing will cost you. Ranking high in Google search results is sometimes approached as a challenge to find and use the appropriate keywords as much as possible. While keywords are essential when it comes to search engine optimization, overusing them or using them in an unnatural way will cause your website to lose rankings. Focus on creating content that benefits the reader while naturally using keywords that are related to the content.
  • Local businesses could suffer with thin content. If your business is one of the only of its kind in the area that has a website, this fact probably helped to boost your website rankings when search engine users searched for your type of business with a word related to the local area. However, the Panda 4.1 Google algorithm update could knock your website down in the rankings. As highlighted above, content is key. If your content is thin, is does not matter if your website is the only one related to your type of business in your specific location.

The bottom line with Google algorithm changes is that Google is concerned with the quality of content. Google algorithm changes are focused on providing search engine users with high-quality information. Shifting your focus to improving your content is the best way to keep up with this latest update.