ALM SEO Case Study – Fred’s Auto

SEO Strategy Case Study

Our team at ALM Corp. wanted to highlight a recent SEO Campaign that’s been active for the last 12 months (including during quarantine).  Our client is Fred’s Auto, an independent auto mechanic that has been in business for 50 years and they were looking to improve their online marketing and SEO. The monthly online marketing budget for this client was about $1000/month.

So, let’s take a look at this SEO case study that highlights how integrating proper ASEO and digital marketing strategies can make a huge difference in improving your ROI and online branding.

How Our SEO Services Benefited Fred’s Auto

  • Their Initial Online Presence

When we started working with Fred’s Auto, their only visibility was branded traffic – they lacked any presence beyond searches for Fred’s Auto.  Additionally, they had multiple duplicate pages on their site due to improper updates causing them to keep both the old pages and the new pages when the relaunch happened.

  • Online & SEO Objectives

Our priorities were to fix some of these technical issues, or any authority generated wouldn’t be fully contributed to the site and Google would penalize us.

We also needed to get properties set up – the client lacked analytics, search console, and Google My Business (GMB) listings.

  • What We Did

Apart from cleaning up some technical issues and removing duplicate content on-site while getting analytics properties installed, we started with comprehensive research into the search terms we’d be targeting.  We started with the approach of emphasizing services – oil changes, wheel alignment, brake repair – that all focused on the client’s GEO location of Briarcliff Manor.

With keywords and services, we began creating pages targeting these services. These pages were created as long-form content pages in order to build authority.  We optimized these pages and began promoting them off-site while building supporting blog content as well.

We also rolled out several schema implementations across the site including location schema, industry schema, and content schema for FAQs.  We built out a strong call to action on the home page and inner pages to ensure the volume of new users wouldn’t be at a lack of conversion points.

  • The Results

Within the first 6 months of the campaign, we ended up promoting nearly a dozen keywords to the top 3 positions for organic rankings, as well as having all terms in the local 3 pack.

This led to a 30% growth in traffic levels near immediately, and a 100% growth year-over-year.  The client was now appearing next to franchise chains with larger budgets behind their marketing and was very quickly stealing market share.

But most importantly, this led to a 3000% growth in conversions – phone call appointment bookings and email requests.  Where the client was averaging 2 digital conversions per month pre-campaign, they were up to over 30 per month by the time we closed out the first year.

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