Bing Announces Mobile Friendliness as a Ranking Factor

Following on from Google’s lead, Bing has just recently announced that they will be updating their search algorithm to make mobile friendliness a ranking factor. The search company’s new focus on mobile search will enhance the need for growing organizations to review the mobile optimization of their sites and to analyze which areas require improvement if they are to see success in the evolving online marketplace. Within this blog post, we’ll examine the latest changes from the Microsoft search firm and highlight three important areas for improvement for companies hoping to rank on the front pages of Bing.

Content Readability

If the user is unable to easily view content on their mobile platform, the site will not be considered mobile-friendly by Bing. One of the challenges that many firms have struggled with in the past is maintaining content concision and ensuring that site users can read text without scrolling or zooming on their phone. Business owners who are unable to make their content easy to read on mobile platforms will find themselves limited in their rankings on Bing.

Format Compatibility

One of the most important elements in achieving high-ranking content in Bing is ensuring that all on-site media is compatible with mobile devices. Companies often try to use Flash media within their site content, which many devices struggle to render effectively. To ensure a high ranking in Bing, site owners must remove all instances of Flash and move towards updated formats.

Site Navigation

How easily can the site user move from one area of the website to another using their mobile device? This is the question site owners must ask when assessing the mobile-friendliness of their site in-line with the Bing standards. Site owners should also consider the size of the site buttons and ensure users can easily click the various site links on their device.

With Bing following Google’s lead, it’s clear that mobile-friendliness is to become a critical element for measuring site performance in the coming months and years. To discuss mobile optimization with a trusted expert, contact our team today!