Choosing the Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2019

A Guide to theBest Digital Marketing Tools in 2019

By reviewing the best digital marketing tools in 2019, you can find products that deliver lasting value to your marketing team. Digital marketing continues to evolve at a rapid pace and in 2019, the industry has some emerging tools for those looking to enhance their marketing returns for the year ahead.

Let’s review the best digital marketing tools in 2019.


SEMRush continues to be one of the most informative and valuable tools for SEO analysis and 2019 will be no different. The tool can be used to compare your SEO campaigns with competitors and to manage your SEO strategies based on the most relevant, actionable data produced.

Google Keyword Planner

Another tool that has become even more important as SEO has grown as a digital marketing strategy, Google Keyword Planner allows you to search for and find the most valuable keywords for your campaigns. When you’re switching strategies in 2019, Google Keyword Planner can help ensure the keyword matches your target audience’s queries and certify you’re producing relevant content.


Offering a large suite of optimized page designs, LeadPages can help you create landing pages that work to meet your marketing goals. Whether your objective is to get audiences to download an eBook or to fill out an online form, LeadPages is one of the best 2019 digital marketing tools, streamlining the lead qualification process and helping your brand connect with target audiences.


Companies must now monitor their brand presence and determine the latest trends around their company and its industry. Brand24 is a critical tool for online reputation management and can be used to track keywords related to your company, as well as monitor various social media channels to pinpoint user sentiment.


After experiencing significant growth in its popularity in 2018, HotJar is now one of the best digital marketing tools for the growing company in 2019. The product allows you to analyze how website users are interacting with your website. HotJar will show you heat maps, visitor path recordings, and click maps to show you the most important content according to your visitors. The tool also allows you to collect feedback from users, ensuring your brand is responsive and agile.

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