Click to SMS Ad Extension Being Tested in AdWords

With the increase in mobile search and use, Google is now testing a new format that would allow your customer/prospect to message you for more information. The AdWords extension would be comparable to the call ad buttons, but the user would be able to send SMS or text messages for info – as opposed to calling.

This is screenshot of message or text icon in the AdWords ad:


As you can see from this screen shot, by clicking on the ad, you would then be able to text the company, or any company, that is advertising with AdWords. By clicking on the icon, you would get the default messaging app. This default message automatically fills in company/advertisers information.

As mentioned, Google has been introducing more features to AdWords, as well adopting more and more mobile targeted changes. Google recently added individual bid adjustments for mobile, as well as a recent AdWords redesign which focused on the way data was displayed.

At this particular time Google has not publically confirmed or denied the SMS ad extension. Stay tuned for elopements!