Content Tips for Product and Service Pages

Content development is such an important factor for all pages of your website. Content can be easier to create when you’re dealing with a blog or newsletter. Product and service page content can be difficult to create, and considered an afterthought since the are only traditional text and often viewed as less important.

While it may take more creative power to produce product page content, once you do, they can be a great tool for producing more traffic as a landing page.

Here are some tips for your product and services pages:

What do users want and need?

When creating your content, think about what users may know or not know about your company, services and products. Your services/products should always be an answer to their solutions; these pages should answer the questions they want.

A question and answer section is a great way to get develop these ideas. Social media and e-mail questions can also be a great way to figure out what questions or needs to address within your content.

A Q&A section will give you the capacity to constantly update your content to reflect the present needs of your users.

Distinctive content

Be sure to create content that will grab attention, and most importantly, make sure it’s distinctive.

Some ideas for unique content:

–          Incorporate videos or images when possible.

–          Visually striking content is important – color, styles and content/page layouts.

–          Include links to other products or related content within your page.

–          Have a “suggested products” list based on what a user is looking at.

–          Ensure that reviews are easy to see and easy to write.

By following and including these points, you will be providing all the information and suggestions that a user would most likely need/want.

More than just descriptions and services

Don’t think of your pages as just pages, think of them as a sales person. Providing a description of your product is only one aspect of your content. Provide your users and customers reasons why they should buy the product in question from you – not just what the product does. By the time they finish reading your description, they should think they can’t live without it.

Ask for advice

Look for outside advice when thinking about ideas. Ask your team about the products they most regularly talk about and sell. Ask your most loyal clients why they shop with you, and the reasons they shop for specific products.

You might be surprised to find ideas that you might not have otherwise thought of regarding certain products, and your brand as a whole.