Digital Marketing News & Updates You Need for April Fool’s Day

In this week’s digital marketing blog, we touch on Google’s algorithm update, how YouTube is trying to protect content and creators, and also how you can make more money with your Facebook videos.

So, here’s what you need to know for the first week of April…

Facebook’s Wants to Make You Money!

Content creation continues to be on the rise, and with businesses looking to more online avenues due to the pandemic, video and content creation has especially exploded this past year. Our friends at Facebook have taken notice and are now introducing more ways that creators can capitalize and make more money off their Facebook videos.

Facebook has revised its rules for users and pages. Now you can earn off of various types of videos like live long and short videos, and ads launching during streams. Another example, if you want to make money from ads for your live videos, you’ll be able to have at least 60,000 minutes of live viewed content in the previous 60 days.

Do You Dislike YouTube’s Dislikes?

While we all know the benefit and creativity that online content and online communities can produce, unfortunately, there can also be a lot of negativity that comes with that. Well, YouTube is experimenting with ways to combat this to protect content creators and users alike by testing out whether to remove the dislike counter or not. With this new design test, users will still be able to see the dislike button (and press it), but the actual number of dislikes will not be visible.

It’s known that dislikes can be part of larger strategies to purposely pile on dislikes that can influence unaware users. YouTube wants to ensure a level playing field and also protect creators from unnecessary negativity. Creators can still see the dislike numbers on the backend, but publicly it won’t be shown.

Stayed tuned to see if this is something that ends up being implemented for the long haul. It should be noted that other social media platforms have tried similar steps that were ultimately short-lived changes.

A New Google Algorithm for 2021

Google is putting even more emphasis on user experience in relation to search engine optimization with its new Google algorithm update this year. UX will now be a more important factor than Accelerated Mobile Pages – which is big considering how much mobile search and browsing have taken over recently. Make no mistake about it, you need to absolutely have a mobile-friendly website, as it is still a very important factor. Some ways to enrich your site’s experience is by removing malicious spam, ads, and other similar things. Make certain you are consistently utilizing Search Console and other Google options so that your site’s speed and loading are at its best.

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