Digital Marketing Updates & A Holiday Social Media Tip

In this week’s post we have a few digital marketing industry updates from such companies like Instagram, YouTube, and of course, Google as well. We’ve also included a quick social media holiday tip to give your content that extra holiday boost it may need!

So here are your weekly updates and tips from the online marketing world…

Community Feeds in Google Maps

Community Feeds is another showcase of how Google is trying to bring more social features to their Google Maps. This new feature is available for both iPhones and Android devices. With Community Feeds users will gain access to different content in relation to their GEO location/proximity. Users will see activities and places that will be highlighted. Such things like “Parks in Toronto” or local favorite stops, etc., will all even feature a weekly trending list as well.

It will be interesting to see how Google’s Community Feeds develops, but it has the possibility to be utilized as a tremendous promotional vehicle for local businesses, locations, and retailers.

Instagram FAQs

An exciting new feature that is being tested by Instagram would give brands the opportunity to offer up sharable Q&A options to clients (when they are message via their direct feed). This would mean that users could easily click and get quick and tappable answers. Currently only 4 questions/answers will available, so it will act as a “most common FAQ” function for users.

So far testing is in the early stages, but this would add a great eCommerce option and possibly address common queries like shipping, sizes, etc.

Audio Ads from YouTube

More and more people are using YouTube as an audio app via YouTube Music and YouTube, so the company is now launching specific audio only ads for these non-video users. While many of us think of YouTube videos primarily, their YouTube Music has been a huge success – and the current COVID-19 pandemic has furthered its popularity.

Users also tune into YouTube for popular podcasts, tech talks, and more, so targeted and specific audio ads make perfect sense as YouTube evolves to its users’ habits.

Social Media Holiday Content Tip

A few weeks back we provided you with Three Holiday Digital Marketing Tips for 2020. While we won’t rehash those today, we did want to offer a quick tip for improving your content this Christmas and holiday season.

If you haven’t already started, be sure to target some of your social media content towards the holiday season. While featuring popular products and services is highly recommended, you can also create fun posts and content around the holiday season. You can include popular Christmas, Hanukkah, and holiday hashtags around your posts, but just be sure there is a connection between your service/products and the holiday hashtags you are using.

These sort of posts not only allow you to subtly insert your products or services, but it is also a great opportunity to expand your potential brand and reach, while also providing important information about your business.

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