Drive Quality Web Traffic with These 3 Link-Building Strategies

There are few strategies that have remained evergreen with the world of SEO when it comes to driving site traffic. But since the early days of online marketing, link-building has continued to deliver results. While link-building best-practices continue to evolve, Google’s still recognizes the value of this proven strategy. And this means that by finding recognized, whitehat link-building processes, site owners can continually maximize their site traffic. Here, we’ll focus on three proven-effective link-building strategies.

1. Choose Only Relevant Link-Building Partners

Collaborating with respected companies can help expand link-building campaigns and move companies higher in the search rankings. But if the links that are posted are not relevant either to the content on the company’s site or the company’s line of business, the strategy is likely to fail. That’s because Google continues to make relevancy a crucial factor in deciding link quality levels. For example, a respected marketing company might link to an SEO specialist when discussing new SEO techniques in a blog post. This would then improve the SEO specialist’s rankings.

2. Diversification is Critical to Ensuring Results

Link diversification helps companies maximize the results they can achieve through link-building campaigns. Simply focusing on gaining links on websites will not yield strong results in the long-term. Effective link-building requires a more dynamic and comprehensive process involving links across social media and online listings to help drive campaign performance.

3. Commit to Understanding Google’s Evolving Criteria

Companies can move forward with their strategies by researching Google’s changing link-building regulations and recognizing strategies that fail to meet these standards. For example, companies that are simply rehashing content from other sites within their link-building strategies will see a limited return for their time. Google is becoming savvier in both recognizing duplicate content and recognizing the value of original online content. Site owners must become more attuned to the most effective, and respected strategies.

Effective link-building strategies are still a strong foundation for online marketing success, even as search engines change over time. But companies must adapt with the times. Companies will see their results improve over time if they continually hone their strategies based on the latest guidelines.