Enhance Your Company’s SEO Campaigns in 2014 With These Three Content Marketing Tips

After the latest Penguin update from Google, many companies were left scrambling to formulate a response in terms of their SEO content. The challenge for many companies in moving forward with their new 2014 SEO campaigns is doing so in a way that will not incur a penalty from Google. While it might seem difficult at first, many firms are finding that traditional techniques can still be harnessed. And improvements in link-building can actually help lead to greater than ever results in terms of ranking. Here, we outline three content marketing tips for companies trying to move forward in the complex 2014 SEO environment.

1)      Build Linkable Content Resources

Linkable content resources are areas of a website in which an organization stores useful content product line and their industry as a whole. Whether the resource is a corporate blog or a PDF presentation taken from a previous event, companies can use it as a tool to capture interest from across the marketplace. This interest will then translate into a greater number of links from other companies and ensure a greater SEO ranking for the organization.

2)      Invite Industry Influencers to The Company’s Blog

Becoming a content marketing specialist now is as much about cultivating relationships within the industry as it is about the content produced. Companies must invite important influencers within their marketplace to share their opinion on the firm’s blog. By having respected professionals from the industry come to the blog to discuss the topics of the day, companies can build their online presence and ensure that Google’s SEO rankings recognize the influx of these noteworthy individuals.

3)      Produce Appealing Content for a Broad-Ranging Audience

In creating content for a company blog, it’s important to make acquiring new customers a leading consideration. What will appeal to the majority of qualified buyers in the industry? How can we empower them and answer their concerns using in-house content? Quality content certainly matters when creating a blog. But even the highest quality content should always be written with a view to enticing customers to the brand. Ensure that sales team members are a leading voice within the content creation process to ensure the optimal foundation for success.

To succeed in their content marketing in 2014, companies must now adroitly navigate an SEO landscape that has become both hotly contested and tightly ruled-over. But firms will find that the rewards of success are larger than ever, as their potential audiences grow and the introduction of new technology puts their brand directly in front of qualified buyers across the globe. By closely watching and aligning content with Google’s Penguin updates, companies can gain that prime placing through their content strategies as they move forward this year.