Expert Digital Marketing Tips for 2018

Digital marketing strategies must be closely reviewed to ensure they remain on track in terms of meeting company objectives. But with the digital marketing field continually evolving, it’s important to take stock and review your current options. In this latest post, we’ll explore our expert digital marketing tips for 2018 campaigns.

Audit and Update SEO Regularly

A common mistake companies now make within their campaigns is not updating and auditing their SEO campaigns. We know that Google updates their search algorithms at least 500 times per year. And one update could reduce your campaign results. Make sure you remain on track by auditing campaigns carefully and tweaking elements to meet your objectives.

Prioritize Blogging and Content Creation

Content creation is now no longer an option for growing companies. Teams require a commitment to regular content production to ensure they retain engagement within their campaigns. The latest data shows companies that blog receive 67% more leads via their site than companies that don’t. Simply taking the time to come up with interesting topics and engaging content can help driving lasting digital marketing results.

Capitalize on Live Events

One of the largest changes in digital marketing in recent years is the new live event tools offering businesses the ability to host and stream their own events and deliver content to any location across the globe. Live events can capture the attention of your audience and enhance brand recognition across the marketplace. But it’s important to plan events carefully. Work with an event management company with digital marketing experience and ensure your most important leads are invited well before the event is due to take place.

Make Use of Tracking

A leading area of innovation in digital marketing in recent years has been the use of tracking technology to determine the location and the buying path of a user. Growing companies can now track users from the visit to their website to a click on an advertisement so that all the information is stored within the company. In building digital marketing campaigns, it’s important to make use of all tracking data and to optimize campaigns based on the latest information on both customers and potential customers.

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