Facebook Helping Companies Hone In On Leads With New Targeting Options

Facebook advertisers will now be given greater precision in their site advertising campaigns. The social media firm has recently announced they are updating their targeting features to empower companies in focusing their ads on qualified leads. Advertisements will now be targeted by four specific areas: location, demographic, interests and behaviour. The benefits of the latest changes to the Facebook advertisement targeting features include:

1) A Greater Local Campaign Focus

Given the recent negative press associated with Facebook’s paid advertisements being clicked by fraudulent users, companies are now becoming more aware of who is interacting with their advertisements. The company’s new site functionality will allow companies to impose tighter controls over who is engaging with their advertisements. For example, advertisers can now target their ads through a combination of country, state and city, thereby really focusing on only those users who are most interested in the campaign. This means that firms can now, for example, engage with local users on sale events happening in their area. It is how Facebook is further ensuring a return on investment within social media campaigns for smaller local firms.

2) The Ability to React To User-based Events

One of the most interesting elements, from a technological perspective, is that the new advertising services from Facebook empower businesses to target users based on changes within their life that have been announced on Facebook. For example, Facebook advertisers may target newlyweds who have just changed their status online with information on furnishings for the home. It’s a truly interactive advertising environment designed to help better serve both users and advertisers.

The dynamic new advertising system created by Facebook gives companies more options when creating their future campaigns. It’s the first step towards a promotional environment that simply connects brands with their loyal Facebook users.