Four New Mobile Ad Formats Arriving to Facebook

Facebook leads all platforms with a mobile engagement number of roughly 1 billion mobile users per day.

So their recent news regarding new mobile ads is a big one.

Creative Hub

A very simple and easy interface with instructions to Facebook ad formats, Creative Hub makes it easy to sample tools and different features, and experiment with them.

You can showcase and even evaluate your creative – all for marketers to preview. There are options that enable you to generate mocks on mobile, which you can create preview URLs to share with your team.

Creative Hub is currently being tested and should be available to advertisers within the next couple of months.

Canvas Gets an Upgrade

Canvas ads, which was announced last year, loads up to 10 times faster than most mobile sites. In February they launched worldwide, and since their release, users in over 180 countries have spent roughly about 52 million minutes on Canvas.

The new updates will make creating, sharing and designing much easier for marketers. A new feed will encourage user engagement, while increased metrics will give marketers more data – like clicks-per-component.

Organic page posts for Canvas are already available.

Slideshow Ads

Slideshows let businesses make videos from static images on Facebook. The advantage with slideshows is that they typically use five time less data and load much quicker when compared to traditional videos.

Some new updates added will be the capability of creating slideshows from your mobile, text and audio overlay, and incorporation with Facebook’s Pages, as well as with photo libraries form Shutterstock.

Audience Insights API

This will allow advertisers to gain much better understandings of their audience, using anonymous demographics, topic data and different reports from Facebook IQ.

The ability to gain further insights into campaigns will definitely be a welcomed addition. While it is currently in beta, it will be available next year.