From Fleets to Search Ads, Here Are Your Digital Marketing Updates

While last week we offered up three great digital marketing tips for the holiday season, this week we wanted to update you on some exciting news from the digital marketing world. So, without further delay, here are some updates that can improve your SEO and online marketing that you need to know about…

Search by Keywords in Instagram

Instagram is upping its search capabilities by letting users find content through keywords. This is great news as previously we could only use hashtags, profile names, and location tags to look for content. While there is still a lot to learn about this exciting update, one potential this brings is for Instagram SEO. This is great news for online marketers and SEO experts as it opens up the potential for optimized content and things that can influence Instagram rankings.

Fleets on Twitter

Twitter has introduced Fleets, which is a unique feature that allows users to post content that will vanish within 24-hours of being posted. You can Fleet videos, photos, and reactions to tweets, and there are custom options like text and background choices. In Twitter’s testing, they noted that users felt more at ease sharing things that would then disappear. All the same Twitter content and engagement rules apply to Fleets.

If you’re curious about this option, try it by pressing the share option on a tweet and selecting the “Share in a Fleet.” It’s also worth noting that Twitter is also testing some potential audio features that would allow Twitter users to join in on live conversations and chats.

The news of Fleets and this potential audio feature is much welcomed and a great way for them to expand their engagement past the normal tweeting option.

Budgets for Search Ads Continues to Grow

While 2020 has not been kind to many, search ad budgets and spending have grown this year by almost 6%. And one of the big reasons is due to the pandemic and the rise of online and e-commerce purchasing from consumers. Even retail businesses are putting more money towards digital – which is adding to the search ad increase.

Most of this spending growth has been on mobile, as opposed to desktop. One reason for this has been the major decrease in travel services that were often searched and bought via desktops.

Updated Crawl Stats Report Available in Search Console

Google revealed that it is coming out with a new crawl stats report that will offer users important data. The updated report will now make finding problems with Google crawling much easier for SEOs, developers, and others who utilize it.

Also, an updated crawl stats report will highlight stats over a length of time or daily stats, response time, and the downloaded data.

To see this new report, you can try this link:

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