Get Ready for the New Google AdWords Redesign

Google AdWords is over 15 years old, and this new redesign will make it even easer for users to navigate and understand. We have listed what you can expect from this new redesign.

Will we see any changes in functionality?

Absolutely not. This redesign will not affect any changes to campaigns or functionality. Google is focusing on the matter in which data displayed.

The Changes

You will now be able to see what Google is calling the “Overview” screen. This dashboard screen view will appear once you click on individual campaigns – a nice new feature for AdWords users.

These overviews will be offered for campaigns, ad group and also ad levels. These overviews will be a graphical picture of your performance – these will be vey easy to read and follow. You will now have four metrics shown with conversions highlighted and clicks. You will also have a great easy to see view of devices and each of their performances/numbers.

Another change is the navigation that runs alongside the left. Now you can access your options likes sitelinks, locations, and devices – they are seen there instead of hidden in the settings as we’re used to.


Paul Feng, AdWords product management director has said that Google was in the middle of building and will release key features once they are available.

A small group of advertisers will be introduced to the redesign. Both small and large advertisers will be included within this process; happening over the next 12-18 months. Feedback and tweaks will occur during this period, and the end product is hoped to be ready for users by the end of 2017.

Unfortunately, a beta version will not be an option. Unless you are contacted by Google themselves, there will be no way to get yourself added to their testing – a reality for most of us!