Get Sophisticated: A Guide to B2B Content Marketing Trends Emerging in 2019

So you’ve developed a successful digital marketing strategy but you still don’t know how to take it to the next step. Setting your company apart as marketing experts could be easier than you think with the right tips. ALM Corp. wants to help keep your firm on the cutting edge, so we’ve collected some of 2019’s hottest content marketing trends to give you a jump on the competition.

Here you’ll find a guide outlining some emerging B2B content marketing trends to set your business apart from competitors.

 Develop a Documented Content Marketing Strategy

 One of the best tools for success when it comes to B2B content marketing is to keep track of successful campaigns and develop a documented strategy for future success. What does this mean exactly? You should document every aspect of your marketing plan, from content experimentation to analytics and conversion rates, this way you can see what works.

Explore Paid Promotion Strategies

 There are still a large number of businesses out there that have yet to capitalize on paid promotion strategies, but you don’t have to be one of them. Targeted pay-per-click campaigns and ad buying can be a great way to increase brand visibility in a short amount of time or market that new product in time for the new year.

Implement Sophisticated Solutions

 When you want to create lasting success and visibility, your company needs to implement sophisticated marketing strategies at various levels throughout your business. One way to reach the highest level of content marketing maturity is to have the marketing team work with other departments, like sales and human resources, to expand your reach and generate measurable results.

Build Your B2B Community

 A lot of businesses don’t take advantage of the benefits provided by community building. By participating in online comment threads, forums or discussions on social media is a great way to solidify your reputation as an industry leader, strengthening brand identity in the process.


Make Influencer Marketing a Priority

 A great emerging B2B content marketing trend for 2019 is to get serious about influencer marketing. Having your content shared by influencers in your industry is great, but you can go one step further by co-creating content with them and generating a buzz around the latest product or discussion.

Turn to ALM Corp. For Your DigitalMarketing in 2019

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