Google Advising Webmasters to Grow Their Relevant Keyword Coverage to Improve Quality Scores

Google AdWords provides a framework for establishing the value of ads based on the user experience. This framework is called the Quality Score. An AdWords Quality Score reflects the relevance of both keywords people searched for, the click through rates (CRTs) for that advertisement, the quality of the landing page for the advertisement among many other factors. While many advertisers treat their Quality Score as a simple diagnostic tool, there’s now a raft of information showing that the score itself can impact the CTR of the ad. And so with that in mind, here are two tips for securing a greater Quality Score for a specific advertisement:

1. Bid Strongly on Branded Keywords

The latest information from Google suggests that keyword value is inherently linked with click through rates. This means that AdWords marketers should focus on bidding on branded keywords to ensure a higher CTR on their ads. Using branded keywords will help build Quality Score value while improving the returns from ad spending.

2. Remove Poorly Performing Keywords

Since CTRs and Quality Scores are now linked by Google, it’s important to remove keywords that are not performing optimally from AdWords campaigns. If these keywords are not removed, they might bring down the performance of the entire campaign and reduce Quality Scores significantly.

The higher the Quality Score for an advertisement, the greater positioning and pricing available for the company. This means that company must commit themselves to optimizing their keyword values for greater overall Quality Scores within their AdWords campaigns. Effective campaign management can be achieved through researching the link between keyword performance, click through rates and Quality Scores.