Google Analytics Adding Search Console Report

Search Engine Optimization report will now be replaced with a Search Console Report, while new conversion and behavior metrics will also be added to Google Analytics.

Google Search Console metrics will now be more deeply incorporated into the Google Analytics report. You will now notice a section called “Search Console” which has replaced “Search Engine Optimization” – this is all found under the Acquisition tab.

Search Console Changes

The new Search Console tab is a welcome addition, and adds data from both the Search Console and Google Analytics into one easy report. Now you will be able to check behavior, acquisition, and conversion metrics from organic searches. This is a huge improvement from the previous Google search engine optimization reports that only showed acquisition data.

Four sections are found in the Search Console: Landing Pages, Devices, Countries and Queries. The Queries report gives your acquisition reports, while the other three offer you the mitigated option.

These new reports will show the performance of your organic traffic when measured with these new options. Landing Pages, Countries and Devices will display Google Analytics and Search Console data, while Queries will display Search Console data for separate queries.

Remember, there are delays (three days) in all Google Analytics data shown within the Google Search Console.