Google Announces Customizers Update for AdWords

Google has recently announced a new update to Google AdWords. Now, advertisers who are designing large-scale PPC campaigns featuring multiple products will benefit from ad customizers, which help generate timely and relevant information for AdWords content.

Information on the company’s products, pricing, promotional dates and keywords will now be stored within a new Adwords section entitled “business data”. AdWords will then draw upon this information to show the most relevant data to the searcher. It promises to increase the relevancy of searches and provide companies with a streamlined mechanism for producing compelling AdWords content. Here are two ways online companies might leverage this latest AdWords tool:

1. Companies can Now Create One Ad with Hundreds of Variations

The AdWords update allows companies to tailor their ads specifically to the parameters of the search user’s query. For example, if they used the search term “under $300”, AdWords could then tailor the ad to show products from the company within this price range. This provides organizations better promotional flexibility within their campaigns.

2. Campaigns Can Be Rooted in Real-Time

The time-based element of the ad customizers allows companies to show time-sensitive deals to those searching for their products. The customization system presents brands the opportunity to show the up-to-the hour timing for a specific promotional event related to the search. Relevant ads might read “sale ends in 1-hour”, thereby incentivizing the searcher to act now to capitalize on the promotion.

3. Easily Schedule Recurring Events & Promotions

The automated nature of the new customizers means companies can produce recurring campaigns more effectively. They simply have to input the relevant data and the dates during which to run the recurring campaign. This reduces the need to continually optimize the same promotional campaigns for companies with a more limited product line.

The latest update from Google gives PPC campaign experts more time to analyze their results. With ad content now optimized for them, organizers can pinpoint effective content and manage content schedules efficiently through the customizer tool.