Google Announces Real-Time Algorithm

At the recent SMX East event, Google’s Gary Illyes announced that the search company will soon be releasing their latest algorithm. The update is expected to come at the end of the year, and this new Google algorithm is expected to be a real-time version of Penguin. In this post, we’ll take a look at this market update in greater detail and examine what the update might mean for search optimization campaigns.

Faster Penalty Recovery

One of the leading complaints concerning the current Google search algorithms is the time it takes for penalties to be removed under the system. Currently, brands must disavow a link that is contributing to their low ranking levels and wait for that link to be removed by Google so that they can then regain their top ranking position. Now, under the real-time algorithm, it’s expected that this process will be refined. A link can be disavowed and the action will immediately be analyzed by Google to ensure any penalty is removed. But this also has the opposite impact.

Those who have been found to use spam links will be immediately punished under the real-time algorithm. And so this new update should lead to companies placing an even greater emphasis on professional optimization techniques.

Release Set for End of Year

With the end of 2015 thought to be the release timeframe for the new algorithm, companies must now begin analyzing their search campaigns and cleaning up any spam links they find. It’s also the ideal opportunity to consider the types of content used within SEO campaigns, as the updated algorithm will likely make content relevancy even more important to top level rankings in 2016.

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