Google Enhancing User Experience with Improved Search Algorithm

Doorway pages have long been used by companies to try and improve their search footprint. These pages combine similar content to other pages within a company website for the purposes of ranking on search engines, and each lead to the same destination page. Now, Google is cracking down on this type of technique and will be changing their algorithm in the near future to push doorway pages further down in the rankings. It’s important for companies to understand what this could mean for their site. And so within this blog, we’ll outline which sites will be considered as “doorway pages” by Google and penalized in future. For those operating this type of site, it’s the ideal time to change search marketing tactics.

The Following Could be Considered Doorway Pages:

  • Pages that duplicate useful aggregations of items such as locations products etc., simply for the purposes of ranking and provide no tangible value to the reader.
  • Pages that are designed to rank for generic terms and yet feature page content that is irrelevant to the terms and highly specific in nature.
  • Pages that exist separate from any other part of the website, with no way to navigate to other parts of the company website
  • Pages that are designed solely for drawing affiliate traffic without any intention to create value

By working with their search marketing specialist and analyzing their current strategies, companies can reduce their chances of being penalized by the latest Google algorithm change. It’s important to take the step as soon as possible to mitigate possible penalties. To learn more, contact our specialists directly!