Google Makes HTTPS a Ranking Factor

HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Service) has been increasingly used over recent years by websites looking to achieve a more secure connection than is provided by simple HTTP. Now, in addition to the security boosts companies will receive when they implement their HTTPS protocol on their website, they’ll also be boosted in their search ranking. Google’s latest change to their search algorithm sees the company make HTTPS a ranking factor for search results. This means that companies who were proactive on site security are now taking the leading among the rankings. Two lessons can be learned from this recent move by Google:

1. Website Security Is Becoming Ever-More Serious

This latest update shows that Google is cracking down on website security. While the company has always promoted effective site security management, they’re now incentivizing the switch over to HTTPS by tying it to search performance. Most companies now recognize the importance that ranking levels hold within the modern marketplace; and so this could be the move that leads most to making that HTTPS switch.

2. Even Simple Sites Require HTTPS Security

Up until this latest move, owners of content-focused sites, such as company blogs, might have been forgiven for downplaying the significant of HTTPS. But with this latest move, it’s become important for all companies to make the transition. Companies should also remember that HTTPS is the only way they can ensure that their content is received by their audience in the way it’s intended. It’s a protocol that allows for complete data security within the connection to their audience.

By tying HTTPS use to rankings, Google is now bringing home the importance of web security to site owners across the web. For those who wish to make the switch as quickly as possible, it’s important to begin the process today by reviewing the latest Google post on the subject.