Google Providing More Precise Data On HTTPS Indexed Pages

Webmasters at growing online companies thrive on analyzing their metrics and utilizing them as a platform to change various elements of their site in achieving their online marketing objectives. But one of the challenges many have faced recently is that their index status data within the HTTPS sections of their websites was not separated from the other parts of their sites. This meant that it was difficult to diagnose problems within secure areas of their sites and meant that security challenges could take weeks to be discovered. Now, all indexing data is freely available for viewing within the Google Webmaster Tools. The benefits of this latest update include:

1) Complete Site Data with Full Indexing Analysis

Armed with the latest information on their HTTPS sections of their website, online marketers will be able to optimize the performance of their website to improve linking to all areas. While the latest moves by Google won’t, by themselves, improve the ranking of HTTPS pages, they will enable companies to optimize their websites themselves to improve how their secure pages are ranked. This puts proactive SEO experts further in control of the site and its data.

2) Improves Site Security

Until the latest change by Google, a security problem within a HTTPS area on a site might have become a prolonged issue for the company as its indexing information would have been hard to locate. Now, companies will be able to quickly identify when HTTPS areas have been infected by spam and risk losing their ranks. It’s a change that helps support security-focused decision making backed by the latest and most up-to-date site data.

Gaining new access to the indexing data for their site’s secure pages will ensure webmasters can move forward in generating new interest through their campaigns. They can now be more responsive to any changes taking place in their indexing, as they work with the new data revealed by Google.