Google Releasing Their Search Quality Rating Guidelines

Google has released full version of their Search Quality Raters guidelines – this is a first, as Google has never released a complete version. The 160 page document is packed with lots of beneficial SEO information.

Google and its algorithm are notorious for constant changing, and is always being tested and tweaked. Sharing in this process are the evaluators. These individuals are the ones who measure the quality of search results, and then communicate back to Google in regards to their testing. While the rankings are not defined by the evaluator and their rankings, they are used to assist in understanding this process. Google provide guidelines to base rankings – the guidelines outline what they view as the best search desires.

Google did publish its human rating guidelines back in 2013 to give webmasters further understanding of what Google’s specifics are when looking for a website, and to also provide clarity on the workings of Google. Google is always changing, but so are the public and the way they utilize Google and its searches. The popularity of smartphones has changed the way people use the internet, and also how they search for things – more searches are now conducted through smartphones compared to computers.

While Google is always changing its guidelines to follow the public’s needs, they have never before released a full version. Google has just completed revisions to its guidelines to modify to the new mobile trend, recognizing that people search differently when using their smartphones and mobile devices.

It is important to note that this is not Google’s final version of their rater guidelines. Google’s guidelines will continue to adapt as people change their search habits and uses. While Google won’t publically publish all their updates and changes, they say they will attempt to offer us all big changes to their guidelines.

If you wish to read Google’s entire 160 page update, you can view the PDF document in its entirety here.