Google’s Much-Anticipated October 2023 Core Update Is Finally Here

Google’s Much-Anticipated October 2023 Core Update Is Finally Here

Initially announced on October 5, the October 2023 Core Update (the third significant update this year) is anticipated to bring about substantial adjustments in search rankings, in line with the pattern observed in past core updates. The primary objective of this update is to elevate authoritative, reliable, and helpful content while demoting lower-quality and poor websites. This new core update also goes hand in hand with Google’s Helpful Content Update.

To help you understand what this new update entails, we’re highlighting some of the major takeaways and steps and ways to navigate through these new changes.

Seach Ranking Fluctuation 

Notably, this update has caused a substantial degree of fluctuation in search rankings, similar to previous core updates. 

Early signs seem to indicate that the update instigated notable shifts in search rankings between October 10 and October 12, with another wave of changes occurring over the subsequent weekend. However, these observations are based on personal insights rather than data obtained from any authoritative source.

Understanding This Update

Understanding the significance of Google’s algorithm updates is vital for all entities, including brands, businesses, and organizations. These updates can wield a substantial influence on a website’s performance within search results. Consequently, any alterations in rankings stemming from a core update, whether positive or negative, can have a profound impact on organic traffic, conversion rates, and revenue generation.

Being aware of when Google initiates such updates allows marketers time to determine whether the changes in their site’s performance are attributable to their own modifications or Google’s adjustments to its ranking algorithm.

This Has Affected My Site… Now What?

In the event that a website experiences a decline in rankings due to a core update, Google has previously offered guidance on how to respond. Here are some things to consider and steps to follow:

  • Google emphasizes that there are no specific actions to take for recovery, and a drop in rankings does not necessarily indicate issues with the website’s content or structure.
  • Focus on improving your content and ensure that it is helpful, serves a purpose, and provides expertise and value.
  • Always remember that Google rewards sites over the long run that have quality content; so be sure to always create content that fulfills Google’s requirements as opposed to merely initially reacting to get your site up and then reverting back to do what you did previously.

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