How ChatGPT is Shaking Up the Online & Digital Marketing World

While many didn’t see ChatGPT coming when it launched late last year, there’s no denying that it has taken the world by storm. Fast forward to this year, and there is almost no one who hasn’t used it, or at least heard of the popular AI platform. 


That’s why the team at ALM Corp. wanted to delve into how ChatGPT is changing the online and digital marketing landscape, along with some popular ways it’s being utilized, and its effects on how companies are doing business.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 


When it comes to SEO services, ChatGPT has certainly played a role in changing the online search engine landscape, making it easier for marketing teams around the world to implement more concise and targeted keyword strategies. This is because ChatGPT provides businesses and marketers the ability to type in questions via the live chat feature and receive unique, keyword-laden content in a manner of seconds. This makes things much more efficient. 


However, the future remains uncertain as to precisely how the program will affect marketing channels, with many worried about increased competition and how Google will tailor its search results to incorporate the AI aspect and increased marketing intelligence.  


Changes in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) 


One aspect that ChatGPT is already affecting and will likely continue to do so is the SERPs hosted by Google and other major search engines. For example, imagine if hundreds of thousands, or even millions of new businesses around the world leverage ChatGPT to improve their on-site content and develop more unique offerings; this will undoubtedly cause a fluctuation in standard search results. 


There haven’t been any drastic upsets yet but it’s something marketing teams should be aware of when creating new content and performing research and competitive analysis. However, industries more closely aligned with new technology like the financial, data, or crypto sectors may easily rise to the top of the search rankings. 


Website Prototyping & Testing 


One area many have found that ChatGPT has helped with is enabling marketing and web development teams to come up with much more efficient prototyping and testing methods when it comes to website creation. The new technology allows them to quickly throw together staging sites on various platforms like WordPress, Wix, and others and quickly see what works best in the SERPs. Then, it’s simply a matter of implementing those changes. 

Google’s E-E-A-T Reinforces the Need for Human-Generated Content 


One key takeaway in terms of how ChatGPT will influence the marketing sector is that, although it will make things easier and more efficient in terms of content creation, there will still need to be a human element involved. There’s a common misconception that marketing teams will be able to simply use ChatGPT-generated content for everything. Unfortunately—or thankfully for many content creation experts—this simply isn’t true. 


This is because Google has continued to reinforce the need for human-generated content that is unique, and informative, and demonstrates that it was produced with some experience. The release of their updated “E-E-A-T” model says as much. They’ve added an extra “E” to the acronym, which now stands for experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. This means that there will still be the need for human intervention when it comes to finessing AI-generated content and for expert analysis performed by human beings for things like SEO, PPC campaigns, and more. 


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