How Facebook Messenger Campaigns Can Benefit Your Brand

Facebook Messenger Campaigns

This week, the team at ALM Corp. wants to focus on a digital marketing service that while somewhat underutilized, can be highly effective for digital marketing. Facebook has recently rolled out a new offering for their paid social campaigns called Facebook Messenger campaigns. So, we wanted to take a minute and highlight this new tool and the benefits it can provide your brand and business.

  • What Are Facebook Messenger Campaigns?

Facebook Messenger campaigns are chatbot engagement campaigns aimed at getting users to interact with a set of pre-determined questions to help pre-qualify leads.  These are shown to have amazing engagement rates – as high as 90% – and are incredible value campaigns.

  • How It Works

They work by enticing users to start a conversation via Facebook Messenger, where they then interact with either a live user or a chatbot. Small scale companies may be able to use a live person for that extra personal touch, but the majority of businesses will want to use a programmed line of questioning to hook users.

  • The Benefits

Facebook Messenger campaigns are a great tactic for collecting info and pre-qualifying users. Whether they are looking for a product, service, or support, you can easily send qualified users through your funnel to become warm leads. Conversely, you can send unqualified users to other spots like your website or phone support.

In a case study we have recently been working on, we optimized a campaign for leads as opposed to replies. On a $12,500 monthly campaign, we were able to drive cost-per-qualified-lead down to $5.05.

One of the most valuable aspects is that all conversations are saved, as well as updated live, in the Messenger Campaign inbox.

  • How This Can Help in a Post COVID-19 Marketplace

Perhaps the most important takeaway is that in the age of personal distancing and quarantine life, we’ve seen Facebook Messenger campaign engagement SOAR.  In fact, from our case study campaign, we saw qualified leads increase 300% between our pre and post-quarantine numbers.

This highlights that users are looking to engage more than ever, and the convenience of doing it via a social platform or a mobile device is in high demand.

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