How Images Form a Vital Component of a Strong Content Marketing Plan

While expertly crafted text can capture and engage specific online audiences, strategic use of images remains critical in achieving compelling content. It’s important for business owners to understand how deft use of images can help supplement and support their marketing campaigns. Here, we’ll focus on the role that images play within a nuanced content marketing plan.

Use of Images within Social Marketing

Social media updates with images achieve a far greater number of likes, retweets and favourites than those without. The reason behind the popularity of images is the ease in which they convey a message. They appeal to an instinct within the human brain to seek out further information, and compel action on behalf of the user. This means that companies can use images to build engagement within their social campaigns. With the ubiquity of smart phones and digital cameras, there’s no excuse for companies not to add quality images to their online content.

Images Can Help Ensure Effective SEO Results

While text plays the prominent role within SEO performance, effectively optimized images can help give sites a boost in the rankings. By adding alt descriptions tags to their website images, companies can quickly increase the number of visitors arriving on their web pages. Images can then improve engagement levels and ensure visitors remain on the page. However, to increase the number of visitors that stay on the website to read site content and purchase products, it’s important to make the images as small as possible without sacrificing image clarity. Images that are too large could lead to underwhelming site performance for mobile users.

By integrating effectively-sourced and optimized images within their content marketing strategies, companies can generate campaign interest and improve returns over time. The simple fact is that pictures resonate. And brands that use pictures effectively to showcase products and introduce their teams will become even more compelling to their online audiences.