How Microsoft, Shopify & Your Digital Content Can Make it a 2022 to Remember

As the first installment for 2022, we wanted to share a few digital marketing industry updates from WordPress, Shopify, and Microsoft, as well as a tip to help you increase your conversions and improve your online brand.

  • Astra WordPress Plugin Update

For those looking for simple, yet great website themes for WordPress, the team behind Astra WordPress themes decided to update their plugin features and also include over 100 free templates for users to choose from (Starter Template 3.0).

While we won’t delve into too many specifics, an updated interface now allows you to create and shape your website prior to having to import it. The new 3.0 update is much more intuitive and makes basic website design a much easier process. You can head to Astra’s official website to check out all of its starter templates and other features and offerings.

  • Use Bing’s New Shopify Integration

For those who may have missed it, Shopify and Microsoft partnered back in October of last year. Well, fast forward to today and Bing will now allow you to incorporate your Shopify website much more easily, and also highlight a much deeper range of products, deals, and prices. The range of potential Shopify merchants at a click of a button will now be greater than ever.

One notable feature that will be available to users is a buy-now button that can be clicked via Bing that will take you directly to the shopping cart of that Shopify merchant. This feature allows for a much easier click-and-buy process.

Focus Custom & Targeted Marketing in 2022

With so much competition, data, and ways to study both of these things, your content and marketing has to be directly targeted to your core audience and potential buyers. Google Analytics and other data-driven programs can give you an amazing insight into what you need to focus on. You can use this data for custom curated content, as well as to construct the perfect buyer personas that can be utilized across all your marketing platforms and strategies.

Truly understanding who you are selling to will not only improve all your marketing efforts, but will also boost your conversions and keep your customers coming back. Don’t forget that having all the data at your fingertips is one thing but understanding what to do with it is another. Our team can help you understand, strategies and create the perfect content and marketing plan to boost your sales and conversions.

Turn to ALM Corp. for Online Marketing Solutions in 2022

To learn more about how to maximize your digital marketing and online presence, be sure to contact our team at ALM Corp. today. We’re proud to offer a wide range of custom digital marketing services to suit your specific needs.