How to Determine Whether Your SEO Firm is Helping or Hindering You

When you hire an SEO services company, you’re also placing your trust in their hands, so it’s important they’re able to deliver results and keep your company’s best interests at heart. Even nowadays, there are still some digital marketing agencies that practice outdated black-hat techniques to try and generate quick results for clients. But these same techniques can also ruin a website and get it banned from Google altogether.

So how can you determine whether you’re employing the best SEO services company for your needs? Paying close attention to some of the following tips will get you off to a great start.

5 Signs Your SEO Service Company Could Be Hurting You 

They Never Ask You for Anything

Staying on top of digital marketing trends and implementing new tactics requires teamwork. Agencies will need to collaborate with you, meaning they should be asking for access to your social media accounts, admin pages, and other back-end tools to create a successful campaign. If the team you’ve hired doesn’t ever ask for a thing, it’s likely because they’re not the best SEO firm to have on board.

They Have Nothing to Show You 

One of the very first things a reliable marketing agency will do when hired is perform an audit of your current site and content. They’ll also likely do some keyword research to determine what work’s best for your industry. If the SEO provider you’ve hired doesn’t have anything to show you after a few weeks, begin looking elsewhere. A successful SEO strategy relies on data collection, optimizing content, and performing a competitive analysis.

They’re Hesitant to Share Their Techniques

Any reputable search engine marketing firm will be more than happy to share their techniques with you and explain how they provide proven and measurable results. If you ask your SEO company to explain what they’re doing and they avoid the question or hesitate, this should be a big red flag. Often, a refusal to share their techniques means that they’re performing black-hat SEO tricks or other tactics that could damage your company in the long term.

You Get a Manual Penalty 

Being penalized by Google with a manual penalty is often caused by two things: an update in Google’s algorithms that your site has yet to implement or black-hat SEO techniques. If you’ve recently received a manual penalty, it might not be reason enough to fire your marketing firm but it certainly demands their attention and calls for keeping a closer eye on what they’re doing.

A Sudden Drop in Traffic

Another thing to watch out for is a sudden drop in traffic to your site. This could be caused by a recent change in algorithms, but it should be taken seriously either way. When traffic drops, ask your marketing firm what types of changes they’ve made over the past few weeks and determine if any offsite actions were made that could have affected web traffic.

5 Ways You Can Be Sure You’ve Hired the Best SEO Services Company

They Have Deliverables

One clear sign that your search engine marketing firm has your best interests at heart is when they have something to show for their work. Some of these examples are quality sites that link back to your website, optimized content for your pages, regular ranking reports, and suggestions for improvements based on research and analytics.

Your Rankings Improve 

Ultimately, the primary goal of any SEO firm will be to significantly improve the rankings of their clients, so if your company is rising in the rankings that’s a great sign. If your company is ranking for your target and long-tail keywords and appears on the first page of Google search results, they’re doing something right.

They Recommend Some Improvements 

There’s always room for improvement, especially where search engine marketing services are concerned. A good SEO services provider should be able to offer up a list of recommendations to help you improve your site and rankings. This will often include suggestions to optimize all on-site content, add alt tags to images you’re hosting, create a sitemap and increase loading speed. These are just a few to keep in mind.

Your Traffic Goes Down, But Your Revenue Goes Up 

A drop in web traffic is certainly a cause for concern, but it isn’t always necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes with the right search engine tactics in place, you may see a slight drop in traffic. But if your revenue is spiking, this likely means that your SEO strategy is working. Ultimately, your goal is targeted traffic that results in conversions.

Improved Reputation & Interactions with Influencers 

Another way to determine whether your search engine marketing service is helping or hurting your business is by paying close attention to your interactions online. Is your company getting involved in conversations with clients on social media sites or making positive connections with industry influencers? If so, you’re definitely on the right track.

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